• Greg Zeng

    According to: http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=maui
    “Based on: Debian, KDE neon”
    but then contradicts itself, with:
    “a continuation of Netrunner’s Kubuntu-based “Desktop” edition, but it was re-based on KDE neon … ”

    “Maui 1
    Series 1 on Ubuntu/Neon (xenial)”

    suggests that it is based on Ubuntu, or Kubuntu. Not Debian?
    Is Distrowatch confused on this?

    • Frederic Bezies

      Just look here : http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=kdeneon

      “KDE neon is a Ubuntu-based Linux distribution and live DVD featuring the
      latest KDE Plasma desktop and other KDE community software.”

    • Ber Nie

      Distrowatch lists all *buntu-derivatives (Mint, elementary, …) as “based on Debian”, since Ubuntu is based on Debian

  • John

    Have downloaded the iso and verified md5.

    Burned to CD – will not boot
    Flashed to USB – will not boot.

    Any thoughts?:


    • Starbuck2001

      What program did you use to flash the usb?

      • John

        Hi and thanks for your help,

        CD burned from iso using k3b.
        usb flashed using SUSE Studio ImageWriter
        When usb did not work, I used CLI
        dd if=/path/to/maui-live-image.iso of=/dev/sd[x] bs=4M

        All failed.


      • John

        Quick update on this one.

        I have used the usb on another machine – the installation went perfectly.

        Apologies for wasting time – I need to see why the newer machine won’t boot from usb.


        • basilioguzman

          Hi. Try disabling UEFI on the newer machine.

  • zor1

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    Where is the 32Bits version? I haven’t got 64 bits computer yet.
    And I have to use 32bits linux in my machine. I think I will stay with Linux Mint.

    Have a nice day.

  • СЛМ 33

    mesa (11.2.0), too old

  • Xena Warrior

    Rosa Image Writer works very well for Linux USB live images. I have been using
    RIW for the past week and find it amazing. Some recent issues with it
    not writing 2 iso’s yesterday. Re-downloading one of the live iso’s
    fixed it. The other one still does not write. I will also be giving this
    distro a run through. The main problems I’m having is getting dvd’s to
    play on linux even with libdvdcss installed. Any better player than vlc for watching movies on linux?

  • hotus94

    Hi nice but will there be a Rolling version of “Maui” ??? or it is only Debian/Ubuntu editions of LTS ???

    btw good job I’m gonna test it on VBox 🙂

    • Matthias Schuster Scharmer

      It is part rolling, when you read the info which is spreaded all over the pages here will you see how. 🙂

    • Ronald Lee

      Nurunner is the rolling release fork. It’s based on Manjaro (Arch). Netrunner 16.09 “Desktop” or “Core” is Debian based LTS

  • Lucio

    isolinux.bin md5 does not match

  • feren CEO

    What did you guys use to make Maui Linux with? (e.g: LiveCDCustomization)

  • kdemeoz

    Congrats to Devs; this distro is v nice! Have been testing it for a week in a VM, like it a lot, & am now close to being ready to install it over my real OS, but have concerns over security. Pls would you sign your ISO & Checksum files with your private PGP key, & post your public key in a top keyserver, so i can then confidently validate the ISO before i install it “for real”. I know your ISO & Checksum are currently on https site, but would prefer better security via PGP… please?

  • disqus_iAsCpsnNgL

    Good work on being the first distro to implement wayland.

    I am looking for good distro that allows individual dpi scaling for multiple monitors. Its important as I plan to use the distro for work and home. Does maui handle it out of the box? I know I can test run the live usb but I currently don’t have an external monitor to try out. I will be getting one soon.


    • Starbuck2001

      Hi, just a note: This version of the distro is not implementing Wayland, that credit deserves to go to the Hawaii Project: http://hawaiios.org/ .
      Maui in the past used to ship Hawaii as DE, before it switched to PSS (Plasma Simple Shell) and now Plasma Desktop, though not with Wayland default (we think it still needs refinment to be everyday useable, but will eventually get there).

  • Ajay

    Hi everyone. Can anybody make these points clear please?:
    1. Is Maui a rolling distro?
    2. Its based on what Debian or Ubuntu?
    3. I can see LTS. What is the end of life for current version of Maui?

    • Niklas

      Maui is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and KDE neon. The end of life date for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is April 2021. Until then you will get security updates for the Ubuntu base. You will get updates for KDE and Maui until **at least** April 2018 (for Maui 2 and onwards).

      • Starbuck2001

        That’s correct, thanks Niklas.

    • Wayne E Boyd

      I saw this distro on distrowatch and it only took 5 seconds to know the answer to your 3 questions. It is semi-rolling, It is base on Ubuntu and because it’s semi rolling I would imagine it would just keep going.

  • Anton

    Hi, first thank you for your work! 🙂 Maybe it’s something not to worry about, but I want to have your opinion: I downloaded the ISO image twice, and both times the md5sum and sha256sum checks were successful. However, I also chose to use the tool for checking the media on boot up, and both times it returned an error in 1 file (I don’t know which one). Can you please advise?

    • user1397

      Same thing happens to me when I use win32diskimager on Windows. It’s always safe to install though, never had issues. If the sha256sum passes then the iso is def fine.

  • twodogsdave

    Is there a reason for the new 2.1 version available somewhere? What changes were made?

  • j226913

    “Download Server” is confusing, I don’t want to download a server (I wouldn’t download a car) and I don’t want a server version of this distro. Just write “direct download” or “download ISO”.

    • Starbuck2001

      Thanks for the feedback, fixed.

  • Jose Antonio Rivero Amador

    MMMM, me gusta este hermoso sistema operativo. Muchas gracias, amigos.

  • Wojciech

    You should named this – ugly Linux distro

    • Starbuck2001

      Elaborate? Or just personal taste? Maybe we can improve…

      • Cuddly Piranha

        I use this as a Multimedia Distro as Mint needs too many apps adding after installation. So Avidemux is the big omission for me. Things like Grub Customiser are good for me as I run 4 or more Distros at any one time. Maui could look a bit prettier but I really just want as simple an installation for ready to go apps. As an example LM 18 KDE just started re booting for no reason at random times so I had to re-install (18.1 as it happens) so I have to re-add Handbrake & others, which as many are not in the repositories is a pain. Also I dont corrupt the Maui when experimenting in Mint or other. Great Distro.


      What’s ugly about it? Also, you can change it up and make it purty for yourself if you’re not too lazy.


    This distro is awesome. My favorite so far out of Sabayon, openSuse, Ubuntu, crashbang, Fedora, and yes even Mint.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  • Apolzan Marius

    are u guys goin to make soon that plasma 5.9 ? i hope to see soon a new iso version here to download,u guys already passby 5.8.5,i hope u won’t say pass to 5.9 too,or maybe u will wait for 5.8.6 ? or 5.8.7 – or better 6.0 ?,i do have a few distros that already made it to 5.9,i do luv maui,but is very slow in updates…

    • Starbuck2001

      Yes, we are going straight to 5.9, that is why it takes some time to test all the new updates. We are still waiting for Plasma 5.9.3 to come out next week, then see how stable it is and decide on the release.

      • Apolzan Marius

        nice, after that you will wait for the next and after that, the next and so on, but maui will remain at 5.8.3,you r so funny guys

  • Apolzan Marius

    oh wait…5.9.3 is out…i bet u guys will wait for 5.9.4,right ? ok

    • Олёшка

      Ты чего истеришь?

      • Apolzan Marius

        english dude

        • Олёшка

          look at Maui 17.03 “Cuba Libre”

        • Neb

          What a douchebag you are…

  • o-l-d

    The best Plasma 5.9 distro that I have tested. Great job Maui team and keep up the good work! Calamares installer is a welcome change.

    • Starbuck2001

      Thanks, we continue our best.

  • Good Distro, I Love Minimalist UI.

  • Apolzan Marius

    well,the new version looks very well,but for some reasons u guys still have problems with it,as i did said in forum too,first problem,why does firefox have the permission to write by default in root directory ? it should bu in ~/home/username/Downloads,second thing,why does install on my pc ndiswrapper ? my pc don’t need it and actually is slowing down the boot,i had to uninstall it manually as in the older version too,about a few things that should come optional for installing and not by default : virtualbox (which is old version),Steam (takin in count that Maui is free software and use free apps,Steam is a platform for games where 90 % user have to pay,hopefully the rumors that Steam will take off the linux boat will come true),why having by default the tunderbird and not other email app ? not to say that kmail is there but not visible,so in a way,u force everybody to use tunderbird,bad call,now for a lil question,can u guys actually implement in your future iso,in the installer,an option to chose to install non-free graphic driver ? for an example,look at Antergos installer,but for the rest of the Maui,gr8 job as usual,keep it up and take this things i said as in a wrong way,r just a few things that an user talk about,things that can be improved or maybe not to other users (always is good to have some1 to be a on the dark side to keep u in the light 🙂 )

  • Gilbert J. Straight

    Rosa Image Writer? Really? I didn’t download to get that Darn it!

    • Apolzan Marius

      yes really,it is better than just type the DD command line and besides that u have a gui for it,not to mention that is much better than just stare at a dark konsole waiting for the “done” message,rosa is exactly DD thing with gui and u can use it for any linux distro,but it’s ok,those that have no idea,talk alot,those that really know,don’t say a word

      • Eric Espino

        Not exactly if you use dd with “status=progress” at the end

    • Gilberto Loia

      Eu uso o Linux Mint e gravei em USB com o gravador de imagem USB do Linux Mint. Instalou tranquilamente.

      • Tomy Young

        Yes exactly if you use dd with “status=progress” at the end

  • Gilberto Loia

    Gostei dessa distribuição. Leve e atraente para quem quer rapidez nas tarefas. Valeu!!!

    • Você está usando essa? Tá indo de boa?


  • Marcio Wakano

    Nice made Kde linux distro

  • ExMuser

    Comrades, where can I download a 32-bit version of MAUI?

    • Leszek Lesner

      There is none.

      • ExMuser


        It’s pity. 🙁

      • ExMuser

        Allredy gone, I (allredy) know. 😉

  • This is a joke right? Cuba Libre?.. so, what’s next? Fidel Castro our Hero? XD XD

  • iourine

    Is there a specific place for bug reports? Trying 17.06, found one right out of the box. In various KDE applications (konsole, kate, krusader built-in viewer/editor), if Courier New is set, then line spacing is wrong, with lines overlappimg each other. Tolerable (yet ugly) at 96dpi and very obvious at 144 dpi. Not sure if it is a Maui bug or KDE one, hopefully Maui team will forward it to KDE if applicable.

    Maui 17.06
    KDE Plasma 5.10.2
    KDE Apps 17.04.2
    Frameworks 5.35.0
    Qt 5.7.1
    Krusader 2.6.0

    On the total – great work, the first Wayland-based distro suitable for everyday usage!

    • Apolzan Marius

      try it again after you uninstalled the ndiswrapper,for some reason that piece of junk is still on the system in maui, and for what reason they keep using it is beyond my understanding,even if you try to install a new kernel version,you will get an error coz of ndiswrapper,problem solved with just uninstall ndiswrapper,even the errors from the start with all that spacing problems are gone after uninstalling ndiswrapper

  • Alberto

    What core has Maui Linux? Like KDE Neon is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?

  • PinStripe

    I like this distro for the most part… but the panel has always gotten me frustrated in being able to customize it. I can’t put icons where I want. I tried Mint KDE and their panel is EASY to customize! But overall, I like Maui much better. If they could only FIX the panel to be easily customizable like Mint, it would be a done deal for me.

  • Guilherme Th

    When we will see a new release?

  • Jake Miles

    Is this distro dead?

  • Guilherme Th

    Good, Jake… it’s a good question!

  • Aislan Maia

    I was looking for the current version, but what I found is an iso from middle of 2017. Is this distro maintained?

  • Владан Милановић

    Still the best Plasma distro!