Maui 17.06 released


The Maui Team is happy to announce the release of Maui 17.06 of the part-rolling “Cuba Libre” series.

It is essentially an updated version of 17.03 shipping fresh packages on the same underlying KDE Neon/Ubuntu base.

This release comes with plenty new package updates like KDE Plasma 5.10.2, Frameworks 5.35, Qt 5.7.1 and LTS Linux Kernel 4.8.0-58.63.
Firefox was updated to version 54 and Thunderbird to version 52.1.1.



Our new default mediaplayer SMPlayer offers many features like Skin support, Subtitle support, Youtube support and advanced playlist support.
Furthermore it allows for tons of video and audio filters to improve your multimedia experience.

ISO Image Writer


We replaced the Suseimagewriter with the brand new ISO Image Writer.
This supports wiping your usb disk before writing a new image and adds more security by only using system administration (root) rights when needed and not for the whole application itself.

Updated Repositories

Started with the previous Maui 17.03 release, we continued to update our repository S3 infrastructure.
Our goal is to provide a very stable user experience with the option to have ongoing updates of KDE software.
Therefore we are providing all releases of KDE Neon packages as part-rolling backports, allowing us to test new updates to Maui’s base thouroughly before releasing them (similar to Manjaro vs. Arch). This also allows a user to decide if or when they want to update to a newer stack via backports or not.

To upgrade from an existing Maui installation you just need to activate the backports repositories shipped with Maui. This will keep you up to date in terms of KDE Plasma, Frameworks and Applications.

Note: Upgrading will only upgrade existing applications. None of your preferred installed applications will be replaced. So if you want the new Iso Image Writer you need to install it manually if it  is not installed on your running system.


You can get the new version on the download page here:

If you have questions or want to report an issue, please visit our forums at

  • Zubin Parihar

    Amazing! Keep up the great work! This is a fantastic distro. Very much enjoying it. Cheers!

  • Romy Medina

    Great release! With this kind of release cycle, I think Maui has its stability in between KDE neon “User Edition” and “User LTS Edition”, which is great! It has the perfect balance of stability and novelty. By the way, it would be nice if there is a link on this post that points to a page about activating the backports repositories shipped with Maui. It’s in “ABOUT > Part-Rolling via Backports”, right?

  • Jairo

    I began with Linux in 2008 and Maui Linux is the best Distribution I have ever try! thanks for that wonderful work!

  • WildCowboy

    Hello, I booted from live USB and was about to install the OS but then I decided to open Partition manager. I got an error that lvm2 packages are missing so the partition tool was not able to see any of my partitions. Is it KDE Neon ‘s limitation or you deleted the package for a reason? Please advise.

  • FilipeGmaBr

    When installing Maui OS, when configuring the user do not have the option to encrypt my personal folder?

  • Gilberto Loia

    Eu não tenho o que discutir. Uso Linux Mint Cinnamon e uso Maui e o KaoS. De todos eles, o Maui é o mais rápido nas tarefas, até mesmo com computadores com baixa configuração. Bonito demais e desenvolve toda as tarefas com perfeição.

  • Ariel

    Hi ! Very nice distro, indeed. Any new release soon? I’d like to install this beautiful OS and of course if it’s possible in its very latest version.
    Oh, and please provide an answer, I see there are other users too putting questions, but no reaction at all from the developers part. It’s frustrating.

    Thanks in advance.

  • PacMaze

    Nice keep up the awesome work!!

  • Sidd Buddha

    Aesthetically very nice looking. Would like to keep it, however the apps chosen are an awkward mix. Should have been more like Linux Mint KDE 18.3. Now that LM Kde is no longer being produced, try to fill in the gap and mirror 18.3……… It would also help if it was a tad more stable. Very promising though.

  • TheIntelligentView

    Really Hate what you’ve done with the latest release. My laptop now runs like crap and can’t wait to get it off my computer! The screen brightness keys no longer work and the lovely keyboard that appears on my screen during boot up… NOT! You people should leave well enough alone on the aesthetics and work on making the OS more stable.

    • Владан Милановић

      Is that so?

      • PinStripe

        Thank you so much for your highly intelligent response!

  • Great Work!