Maui 2.1 updated ISO

Maui Installation ISO has been updated to 2.1.

This mainly focuses on fixing some reported Installer issues and comes with some newer package versions, otherwise is the same as Maui 2.


Note to Maui 1 and Maui 2 users:
Due to Maui being a Part-Rolling distro on Xenial, updating to Maui 2.1 is not only not required nor technically correct anyway:

All versions of Maui share the same base (Xenial), so the Backports channels is the common shared source where updated packages from Maui and KDE Neon land after being tested for all Maui versions.

So if you installed from any Maui version so far and enable the Backports Channels and Update, you should have the same updated system. It is just that we release updated ISOs from time to time as a starting point, so that new users don’t need to update too many packages right from the start.

The only time you could perform a “real update” is when the base LTS changes from current 16.04 Xenial to 18.04 in the future.