Maui 2 “Blue Tang” released


Maui 2 “Blue Tang”

The Maui team is happy to announce the release of Maui 2 – 64bit version.

This is our second version of Maui which comes with plenty new features and fixes based on Plasma 5.8.2, KF 5.27 and Qt 5.7.0.
We also provide the latest LTS Linux Kernel 4.4 together with an updated Ubuntu 16.04 LTS base system.
Firefox was updated to version 49 and Thunderbird to version 45.

New Repositories

Just like announced in the Updating Maui 1 -> Maui 2 Repos and Backports ( ) we decided to move our repositories to a new infrastructure and cloned the Neon based repo so we have control over when to push new updates to the user and let the users themselves decide when they want to move to a new Plasma version or KDE Frameworks 5 version.
That way we provide a very stable KDE Plasma user experience without losing the option to have the latest and greatest of KDE Plasma.

Calamares Installer

In order to streamline the installation process we decided to switch to the distribution independent installer Calamares. This one installs automatically all language packs for the default applications shipped with Maui and the language you choose during installation. In order to use this feature please have network access configured in the live enviornment. This should also support more UEFI installations than with the prior version of Maui.

Driver Manager is back

This release also comes with a few new features just like the driver manager allowing you to install proprietary drivers for graphicscards or wifi chips.
We also added in a control module for configuring systemd services from the systemsettings.
In order to provide a better integrated partitionmanager we replaced gparted with the KDE Partition Manager.
For better translation support in the mintUpdate tool we also added mint-translations.

We also fixed several issues regarding the KDE Telepathy Instant Messenging feature that should work out of the box now.
The KDE Remote Desktop Client is back and shipping by default in this version.
As the vector editing software karbon is not longer maintained we decided to switch to Inkscape instead which ships by default now.

You can get the new version fresh from our download site ( )
If you are using Maui 1, please look here how to upgrade to Maui 2:
If you have questions or want to report problems visit our forums ( )

  • kdemeoz

    Congratulations on the new release!! I have installation questions pls…

  • TJ Mahoney

    Does it support UEFI?

    • Starbuck2001

      UEFI it should, but not Secure Boot.

  • Ariel

    Hi. I installed Maui 2, I like it a lot, it’s beautiful. One thing to mention, though. The autologin does not work, even if it was set during install. Not even when (with the system installed) the corresponding checkbox in the User Manager is manually ticked. At the next start the system still asks for the password and when lookin in the User Manager to verify the status, the checkbox is unticked. It gets unticked by itself !

    • Starbuck2001

      Usermanager has a bug with autologin, please use systemsettings startup&shutdown config and report any bugs in our forums, thanks!

      • Ariel

        OK, sure. But this looked to me more than a bug, Something that should draw the developer’s attention, not just a subject to discuss with some guys on forum.
        It is a little problem with the installer too (in the partitioning sequence), but I’ll post that one in the Forum (and I’ll also move the autologin issue there, if you prefer).

  • Leo Lion

    What’s with using such an outdated kernel?

    • Starbuck2001

      It’s the standard LTS kernel that comes with Ubuntu Xenial.

      • Leo Lion

        Okay thanks. An “update kernel” feature would be pretty cool, I think you’d be the first with this type of feature. Only because most people don’t know how to update their kernel manually.

  • Lev Kavelin

    Thank you for a wonderful and beautiful distro!
    Excellent selection of pre-installed software. I installed only keepassx, skype replaced with a new alpha version.

    Better than all the other works with 4k display resolution.

  • There are recent reports of a major SSH security flaw in KDE Neon Does this same security flaw apply to Maui Linux? If so, what steps are being taken to fix it? Should we wait for an updated MAUI Linux ISO?

    • Starbuck2001

      To be precise the flaw was with one of neons server, that is the storage server, not the CI. Since with Maui 2 we began storing everything from CI to our own servers, chances are if you installed Maui 2 you should be fine. Now for Maui 1 we used 1:1 the same repos, so that *could* have a slim chance of compromise, but as it seems nothing has been detected compromised. So people coming from Maui 1 could start from scratch or when switching to Maui 2 repos and updating pretty much the complete partitial rolling packages be secure enough that eventually compromised packages would be updated and fixed. Meanwhile we are also preparing Maui 2.1 with updated installer and bugfixes, so I personally would recommend if someone thinks about reinstalling to wait for that to arrive at the end of the month.

      • Thanks for the update. I look forward to the Maui 2.1 release.